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Smart Meter Online Registration

We have recently changed out most meters to a smart meter in our service area. We have received high praise from our customers who have utilized the service. It saves water and money by alerting customers of possible leaks. If you would like to, here is the information on how to sign up to the Beacon software to monitor your water usage and setup a leak alert.

Setting Up Your Account
You must use a computer (not a phone or tablet) to sign up for the service.

1. Visit

2. Enter Zip code 93110

3. Enter your Account Number: XXX0000 (the 3-letter followed by 4 number Account number is on your bill) and click the Next button

4. Enter your email address

5. Create and confirm a password (case sensitive)

6. You will get a confirmation email from Beacon.  You must verify your email address by clicking on the link that will be sent to you.  Once you do this, you can sign in to EYEONWATER.COM using your email and password. 

7. After logging into EyeOnWater, set a leak alert in the upper left corner (to date over 1100 leaks found by system saving both water and money).  A good number to use is 5 gallon per hour intermittent (not continuous) leak over a 24-hour period.  Put in your email and press the “+” symbol to add it.

After logging on you can view your daily usage as well as your hourly usage (just double click on any daily use bar).

Also, after you have successfully created your account, if you wish you can add the iPhone app “EYEONWATER”.  It gives you a snapshot of your water usage.

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