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La Cumbre Mutual Water Company

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The La Cumbre Mutual Water Company was formed in 1925 to serve water to land owners in Hope Ranch and the area between Hollister Avenue and Hope Ranch, totaling approximately 2,000 acres. In the 1930s lots needing water were being sold by the development company headed by Mr. Harold Chase and his associates, who founded the Water Company and the Hope Ranch Park Homes Association. Goleta Water District did not exist until 1944. In those days, this area was far removed from the City of Santa Barbara.

Ninety plus years later, your Water Company still provides water to its shareholders on a non-profit mutual-benefit basis. Every landowner is an owner of this company. The ownership is attached to the land and the amount of ownership is proportional to acreage.

Over the years, our service area has essentially remained the same, although our number of customers has increased and new sources of supply have been added. In the 1930s we had less than 100 customers, now we have over 1400. In

the next 10 to 20 years we will probably reach our capacity of approximately 1500 service connections.

In the early years we had only local well water supplies. In the 1960s we began receiving Lake Cachuma water as we have been a wholesale Goleta Water District customer. Our service area is within the Goleta Water District boundaries. In 1997, we began receiving state water which originates in northern California through the Lake Cachuma infrastructure.

The Board of Directors and Staff look forward to providing our unique community many more years of reliable and affordable water service.

E-Bill service now available: Over the years a few customers have requested to receive e-bills. We use a third party vendor to print and mail our bills and they do not offer e-bill service. However, recently (Dec 2022), we have been able to have our Utility Billing Platform offer an e-bill service. To sign up for the service go to Pay Bill / e-bill signup. Please note that the essential data (Bill amount, due date, meter charge, water usage, water charge) will be presented with the e-bill. What will not be shown on the e-bill is historical comparison usage for the year and Tiered use breakdown.

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